Samsung Rose Gold – a marriage between high fashion and high tech


Photo from: Samsung Mobile USA

I have decided to write my first post inspired by a company which I believe has incredible eye for fashion and it is making smart choices with their smart products. Samsung has always had great designs for all their electronics, and the recent Galaxy Gear Rose Gold is not the exception. I am a fan of smart watches because of the convenience of having the notifications reach me instantly even if my phone is not close by. I bought the Galaxy Gear in Lime Green when it first became available and I was in love with its retro flair and design versatility. It was appropriate for both men and women and it simply looked cool.

Little did I know that the Rose Gold was waiting to make a grand entrance. Samsung Mobile USA calls it “the show stopper” and I could not agree more. While the first Galaxy Gear designs could be worn by women , without looking like you had borrowed your dad’s traditional watch, the Rose Gold steps it to a new level just in time for N.Y. Fashion Week. This change in colors makes the exquisite details in hardware that much more obvious. It is completely wearable weather you are dressed up or down. The Galaxy Gear Rose Gold says that women can be feminine and love technology as well. Samsung is proving that Geek can be Chic after all with the glamorous feel of the photograph featuring the Rose Gold.  It isn’t a woman in work out clothes or jeans, it shows perfectly manicured hands sporting a very fashionable ensemble. I love the fact that there is a smart wearable gadget that has stepped out of the box with a simple color choice.

Hopefully other companies manufacturing wearables will take a step in a direction that can have a very profitable outcome. Women love to spend on fashion, but for us who also love and appreciate technology there are limited choices. Thank you Samsung for understanding and taking an intelligent step in fusing fashion, femininity and tech. The Rose Gold is pearl necklace, little black dress, sky scrapper pump friendly, and that my friends is a show stopper any day.


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